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Articles and Press

5/1/2015 News
Anna Pardue
The results are in for the Douglas Farms Spring Show!... Read more
4/21/2015 News
Anna Pardue
An epidemic of H3H2, a flu strain found in South Korean and Chinese dog populations, has reached North America.... Read more
4/2/2015 News
Anna Pardue
Don't miss out on the second Continental Kennel Club sanctioned dog show of 2015! ... Read more
3/24/2015 News
Anna Pardue
New Yale study tests canine minds and make some interesting conclusions.... Read more
3/12/2015 News
Domenica Varnado
Continental Kennel Club is excited to attend the upcoming New York Pet Breeders Association 2015 Annual Seminar on March 24th at the Benton Fire Department in Penn Yan New Yor... Read more
3/4/2015 News
Anna Pardue
California dog owner Frank Lucido filed a class-action lawsuit against Purina due to alleged canine death and illness.... Read more
3/4/2015 News
Anna Pardue
Don't miss out on the first Continental Kennel Club sanctioned dog show of 2015! ... Read more
2/1/2015 News
Anna Pardue
"One Tail at a Time" helps 85 lb Chicago beagle Kale Chips on his journey to good health.... Read more
1/2/2015 News
Crystal Demars
The Fairness to Pet Owners Act is a hot topic in the veterinary world and the topic of our K9 Current Event... Read more
1/2/2015 Article
Jennifer Roy
Shifts in the seasons trigger joint discomfort in people and pets. This winter, ease your pup’s pain with these tips...... Read more
10/29/2014 News
Crystal Demars
We want to congratulate the Douglas Fall Invitational 2014 Show winners and CKC champions!... Read more
10/1/2014 News
Domenica Varnado
CKC is delighted to welcome Artie and Elaine Brower of North Fort Myers, Florida into our Preferred Breeders Program... Read more
9/26/2014 News
Jessica McMorris
Check out the Canine Care and Training Program (CCTP) at the 2014 FFA National Convention! Find out how to bring the Canine Care and Training Program into your classroom by vi... Read more
9/18/2014 News
Jennifer Roy
Continental Kennel Club Inc. will be participating in the 2014 Louisiana Professional Breeder Symposium. We are pleased to invite all breeders to this FREE Educational Seminar... Read more
9/16/2014 Event
Crystal Demars
Mark your calendars for the second-ever CKC Sanctioned Conformation Show! This is your chance to prove that you've got the best of your breed; join us to see if your dog has w... Read more
7/1/2014 Event
Crystal Demars
On June 7, 2014, Douglas Farms Show Club and CKC hosted the second annual Douglas Invitational and CKC’s first pointed all-breed show. ... Read more
7/1/2014 News
Domenica Varnado
Jeane and Tom Godwin of Evergreen, Alabama, have been members of CKC since 2004 and CKC Preferred Breeders since 2008. ... Read more
7/1/2014 Press
Jennifer Roy
CKC's Puppy Starter Kit is a convenient and affordable way for CKC Breeders to provide valuable information to new puppy owners. ... Read more
7/1/2014 Press
Crystal Demars
Congratulations to our July “Escaping the Dog Days of Summer” photo contest winner, Rick Clark, for his photograph of Gus and Baily.... Read more
6/1/2014 News
Crystal Demars
You’ve asked for it and it’s finally here! CKC and Douglas Farms will host the 1st ever sanctioned conformation show at the Douglas Invitational in Columbia, Mississippi. ... Read more

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Douglas Farms Summer Conformation Show to Be Held May 9th


How Complex is the Canine Mind?


NY Pet Breeders Association 2015 Annual Seminar


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Douglas Farms Spring Conformation Event to be Held March 21st


Kale Chips' Journey to Good Health


Fairness to Pet Owners Act


Keep Your Canine Cozy this Winter


Douglas Fall 2014 Show Results


Preferred Breeder Spotlight


CCTP at FFA National Convention 2014


Louisiana Breeder Symposium 2014


It's Show Time: Douglas Fall Invitational 2014


Douglas Invitational Show Review


July 2014 Breeder Spotlight


The New Puppy Starter Kit


Escaping the Dog Days Winners!


CKC’s First Ever Sanctioned Conformation Show!


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